Crazy Al’s Helmets

You have found the best helmet on the market – Crazy Al’s

Smallest DOT approved helmet is comfortable and reduces mushroom head

I’ve had plenty of people stop me at a gas station or restaurant to talk about my motorcycle. Usually it’s “nice bike” or “sweet ride”.

I pulled into the gas station and noticed a guy who was filling up his car with gas crane his neck toward me. I thought that he was impressed by the sound of my bike. Maybe he thought my bike looked so cool that he had to take an extra long look. Got to admit that I don’t get sick of that, so no problem. Take a look my friend…

After filling the tank, I pulled the bike up to the building and the gawker guy followed me to the parking space and his question took me off guard because I was expecting compliments on my bike.

“What kind of helmet is that?” He asked. “I like the look of it – you don’t have mushroom head.”

It’s the best DOT approved helmet for motorcycle riders. It’s lightweight, comfortable, and super easy to use. I showed him the quick click latch and detach system – just click it in and pull a tab to release it.

It’s Crazy Al’s Helmets.

Great fit

I’ve got a huge melon, so I got the XXL. It was snug on my head out of the box. The helmet quickly formed to the shape of my head. It took about two weeks.

It is perfectly comfortable. It’s comfort is a good incentive to wear a helmet. I put it on and forget I’m wearing it. It’s awesome.


Looks good

Plus, it looks good enough for a grown man to walk up to another grown man to ask about the helmet. First time anyone made an effort to compliment my motorcycle’s driver. And I’m guessing that guy is sporting a Crazy Al’s helmet right now.

There are several styles to choose from. Click this link to buy it on Amazon SOA inspired DOT Beanie Flat Black No Peak. Or get it on Ebay here.

Crazy Al’s Helmets