Minnesota River Scenic Byway 6

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Minnesota Scenic Byway 6


Distance: 20 miles

Time: 26 minutes

Ride Rating

High water closes southern end of Scenic Byway 6, still a good ride

Minnesota River Scenic Byway 6 is an excellent ride close to the Twin Cities. The water is high again this year and it causes a couple inconveniences. First, there are road closures at Henderson in a couple directions. Second, in late May, the there was a bumper crop of bugs. The bike was covered with bug guts. So was my camera. Check the video.

The Ride

The best way to take this ride is to make your way to Henderson from the west or north. The river is still high. Roads south and east of Henderson are closed due to high water. So get to Henderson and take County Road 6 North which turns into County Road 40 at Highway 25. I stopped the ride at East Union, but it will take you all the way to Carver and Chaska.

The Road

The road is mostly in good shape. There are a few spots that have dirt from trucks entering the road, but it is minimal. The road curves through fields and groves of trees that follow the Minnesota River. The water is close to the road in several spots on County 6. The scenery is interesting as it winds with the river.

County Road 40 is curvy and gets the bike to lean back and forth for a few miles.

The Bottom Line

It’s a good ride. It’s close to the Twin Cities Metro area and makes a great addition to a day’s ride. Taking the road all the way to Le Sueur makes it a great ride. You’ll have to wait for the roads to open. Right now you’ll have to plan on how to get to Henderson. You can always take County 6 to Henderson and turn around and see it in both directions.

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Minnesota River Scenic Byway 6