Great River Road Highway 35

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Great River Road - 35 Prescott to Fountain City


Distance: 77 miles

Time: 1 hour 39 minutes

Ride Rating

Great River Road is a classic Wisconsin Motorcycle ride that’s always worth the trip

The original Flood Run ran on Highway 61 to Winona, but it has evolved to include a loop on both sides of the river. The Wisconsin side of the Flood Run loop is Highway 35. And it is a great ride every time. Prescott to Fountain City provides provides views of the river and the bluff country with some farmland sprinkled in for good measure. It’s one of the best rides in Wisconsin. Hundreds of motorcycles every summer can attest to it.

The Ride

Starting in Prescott, stay on 35 for as long as you want to ride. The road winds through hills as it follows the river and has great scenery, towns to stop in for lunch, and long stretches of 55-mph road. The Great River Road in Wisconsin winds along the river with hills and excellent scenery.

The Road

The road is maintained well for the most part. There are a few spots that are starting to deteriorate, but no bike-swallowing potholes.

The Bottom Line

If you’re going to Wisconsin, you’ll need to take this ride. If you live near this road, go back and ride it again. It’s always worth the trip.

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