Root River Run

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Root River Run


Distance: 20 miles

Time: 25 minutes

Ride Rating

The Root River Run is beautiful scenery and a road made for motorcycles

If you map out the route between Rushford and Lanesboro, you’ll find one of those squiggly lines that will make your motorcycle-loving face smile. Minnesota Highway 16 looks cool on the map and it delivers motorcycle-riding cool the whole way.

The Ride

Minnesota 16 is about 20 miles. Stretch it to 27 if you continue to Preston. Worth it. I clocked the trip from Rushford to Lanesboro. Start from either end, you’ll probably want to turn around and ride it again. The roads twist almost as much as the river does. The river comes into view several times and disappears again. Rocky outcrops and woods on the other side of the road. And did I mention that your motorcycle will love weaving back and forth along the many twists?

The Road

The road is in good condition. You may get stuck behind people driving along enjoying the sights from their cars here and there. Some of the architecture along the road looks like it comes from a painting.

The Bottom Line

This is a really fun ride. There are huge vistas of the valley near Preston that will make you want to stop to just take it all in. But most importantly, your motorcycle will be happy.

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Root River Run