Enchanted Highway

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Enchanted Highway

North Dakota

Distance: 32 miles

Time: 43 minutes

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The Enchanted Highway is a motorcycle ride that artfully takes you off the beaten path

Yes, I went there. Artfully.

Driving across North Dakota, you’ll find yourself coming across a large metal sculpture of geese flying. It’s interesting to see after watching miles of rolling fields of grasslands. And, if you didn’t know already, those geese mark the beginning of the Enchanted Highway. And

there’s more where that came from down the Enchanted Highway. The Enchanted Highway in southwestern North Dakota is a road fit for motorcycles and it adds the benefit of plenty of art to look at.

The Road

According to RoadsideAmerica.com, a guy named Gary

decided he needed to find a way to get people to Regent, North Dakota. He created these sculptures to give people a reason to take the 30-mile trek to Regent. So, there are really two ways to find the Enchanted Highway. First, look for the geese sculpture and turn left. Or, take Exit 72 off of I-94 and head south.

The road is in great condition and there are plenty of spots to stop and take pictures of each of the sculptures along the way. It’s a nice diversion to take a look at the scenery that you’ve been staring at up close and personal.

The Ride

The Enchanted Highway is a diversion, for sure. The road has a few curves and stretches of road that you probably won’t meet much traffic. The road unfolds like a ribbon of highway through the pastoral landscape at 55 miles per hour.

The Bottom Line

The sculptures are impressive. The Enchanted Highway motorcycle ride is interesting enough to take a short detour or to find your way through southwestern North Dakota for a change of venue from the big, bad interstate.

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Enchanted Highway