Red Wing Boots


The pair of Red Wing boots I bought four years ago were not on my list of priorities. Until I tried a pair on.

I had worn different boots over the year. Each pair had issues. One pair got my socks damp in rain. A couple pairs made my feet sore after a day of riding. They were cheap boots. And they wore like cheap boots.

I didn’t know what comfortable boots felt like until I tried on Red Wing Boots.

Red Wing Boots are just simply the best boots I ever worn.

Road Rube

Red Wing Boots are just simply the best boots I ever worn. I wear them every time I ride my motorcycle and they are the perfect boot for being out on the road. The sole is tough, the leather is thick and flexible, they are waterproof, and I don’t even think about the fact that I’m wearing them. They are so waterproof that my feet were completely dry landing a boat, walking in the water.

Red Wing stands behind its boots. When I get a little shifter mark on the top of my right boot, I bring the boots in to the local store and they will oil up the boots to look like new for free – just for owning Red Wing Boots.

Check out my links to Amazon to get take a look at the 11-inch pull up style that I wear, but you can get just about any cool style of boot that you would want through Red Wing. They are awesome.

Red Wing Boots
Looks like my pair of Red Wing 11-inch pull on boots need to be oiled up for the season.