AR 59 Natural Dam Ride

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AR 59 Natural Dam ride


Distance: 46 miles

Time: 58 minutes

Ride Rating

AR 59 Natural Dam Ride is a fun ride through the Ozark National Forest

The Road

The Ozark National Forest and the Natural Dam start this ride on 59 and breezily winds north to Siloam Springs for 46 miles.

The Ride

The Natural Dam ride has scenic views of the Ozarks that open up out of long tree-lined sections of AR 59. The northern end of the ride opens up to grassy fields and more wide-open spaces.

The Bottom Line

The Natural Dam ride is a good ride. There are so many motorcycle roads in the Ozarks that will make your motorcycle smile that riding the AR 59 after all the others makes it seem less spectacular than the others. It isn’t as awesome as some of the others, but it is still a ride worth taking.

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