Bighorn North Pass 14A

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Bighorn Northern Pass 14A


Distance: 57 miles

Time: 1 hour 13 minutes

Ride Rating

Bighorn Mountains Northern Pass on 14A is mountain riding without the mountain feel

The Road

Starting 20 miles east of Lovell on 14A to Dayton.

The Ride

The road rises sharply uphill on switchbacks on both the eastern and western sides of the pass. I went from west to east starting 20 east of Lovell. High rising rocky peaks line and evergreens line the road as you ascend into the mountains. Then it opens up to open range and forest land at highway speeds.

The Bottom Line

It’s beautiful scenery and good roads at highway speeds. What’s not to like. Mountain riding often involves sharp switchbacks and steep views, but the Bighorns offer the best of mountain riding without the stresses of traditional mountain riding. This is just a good motorcycle road and it happens to be on top of a mountain range.

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