Bighorns South Pass on 16

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Bighorns South Pass


Distance: 62 miles

Time: 1 hour 9 minutes

Ride Rating

Bighorns south pass is a mountain ride without feeling like being in the mountains

The Road

Highway 16 between Buffalo and Ten Sleep.

The Ride

There are two points on 16 between Buffalo and Ten Sleep that feels like a mountain ride. I mean, aside from the mountainous terrain surrounding you on the road. The switchbacks on both ends of the ride remind you that you are climbing or descending. The rest is mostly driving at highway speed through the splendor of the top of a mountain range. The scenery is outstanding. And the roads are good. It’s a great option. I don’t want to compare the north and the south passes of the Bighorns, so my recommendation is to ride both of them when you are in Wyoming.

The Bottom Line

Excellent ride. It should be a part of your ride plan if you are planning to go to the Yellowstone area.

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