Newcastle WY to Lead SD

Road Rube Rides

Newcastle WY to Lead SD

Wyoming/South Dakota

Distance: 50 miles

Time: 55 minutes

Ride Rating

Newcastle WY to Lead SD is a beautiful ride

The Road

From Newcastle, WY, follow 85 North to Lead, SD.

The Ride

The ride from Newcastle to Lead is a beautiful ride. The scenery provides all the stunning forest and hills of the Black Hills on a road that isn’t a main thoroughfare to attractions in the Black Hills. The roads are in good shape and wind through open countryside on the Wyoming side and then the curves tighten up as you get closer to Lead. The speed limit is fairly consistent throughout the ride until you get deeper into the South Dakota hills.

The Bottom Line

It’s tough to play favorites when discussing roads in the Black Hills. This stretch is all of the good parts of riding the area with less tourist traffic. It blends terrific scenery and fun, curvy roads at essentially highway speeds. That makes it one of my favorites. I’ll leave it at that.

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Newcastle WY to Lead SD