Waukon to Lansing on 9

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Waukon to Lansing on 9


Distance: 14 miles

Time: 20 minutes

Ride Rating

Waukon to Lansing on 9 is a rumble strip through farmland and forest

There are plenty of great roads that take you through nice hills and curves with sweeping scenery and thick, green forests in northeastern Iowa. The ride from Waukon to Lansing on 9 might have some of that. In fact, it does. It’s just hard to remember with the poor condition of the road. Okay, that’s unfair and a little dramatic.

The Road

The road is in poor condition due to usage more than anything. Farm implements and every other kind of vehicle travel on this road and it shows. There aren’t many pothole – just ribbons of bumps stretching across the road for 14 miles.

The Ride

It’s a great little run of road for riding. It takes you through sweeping scenery of farmland on the Waukon side. Then the curves that lead through thick woods that descend toward the river. It’s a fun stretch.

The Bottom Line

Don’t go out of your way to ride this stretch until the road is repaired (there was road construction going on in 2020, but it didn’t appear to be for laying new pavement). There are plenty of fun roads in the area to ride. Take them.

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