Prairie du Chien to Viroqua Wisconsin

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Prairie du Chien to Viroqua on Highway 27


Distance: 45 miles

Time: 51 minutes

Ride Rating

Highway 27 from Prairie du Chien to Viroqua is just plain fun to ride

The Road

The stretch of Highway 27 that runs between Prairie du Chien and Viroqua is one of those rides that surprised me. Wisconsin may be a lot of things to a lot of people (read: cheese and Packers), but it is definitely filled with fun motorcycle roads. 

Highway 27 is in very decent shape. It’s not perfect by any means, but it is serviceably smooth. It has been resurfaced in a few places and that is wearing down – still comfortable and won’t rattle your teeth loose.

The Ride

The ride is packed with speed-limit curves through wide-open farmland and some tighter curves that wind through groves of trees. Mostly 55 miles per hour with a few towns in between.

The Bottom Line

It’s a fun ride. Definitely a good road to add your riding plans in southwest Wisconsin. Add that to the proximity to 35 (which is great for most of Wisconsin) and you’ll have a terrific day of riding.

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