Great River Road Continued (DeSoto to Prairie du Chien)

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Great River Road Continued (DeSoto to Prairie du Chien)


Distance: 29 miles

Time: 32 minutes

Ride Rating

The Great River Road is well named, always a good ride

The Road

The Mississippi is a great river, so it makes sense that the great river has a great river road to follow it. Highway 35 follows the Mississippi pretty much from where it enters the border of Minnesota and Wisconsin at Prescott. The Minnesota/Wisconsin portion of 35 is the destination ride for the Flood Run and hundreds of riders make the ride every summer (fall and spring, weather permitting).

Anyway, this section of the road is the part that shares the border with Iowa (I’ve got a report on the Iowa side too…hint, it’s also great). I started in De Soto and rode to Prairie du Chien. The road is in good shape and the scenery is cool.

The Ride

The road lazily winds alongside the river mostly and maybe that’s why it’s such a pleasant ride. It’s like tubing down the river without having to get in the water…plus you get to ride a motorcycle instead of an inner tube. The bluffs and the wide river views along with the trains that come along in between make for not only a good ride, but an excellent experience too.

The Bottom Line

Stop thinking about it and make the Great River Road a part of your ride today.

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