Mellen to Loretta on GG

Road Rube Rides

Mellen to Loretta on GG


Distance: 40 miles

Time: 44 minutes

Ride Rating

Mellen to Loretta on GG is a fun way to go through the woods

The Road

I got on GG in Mellen and traveled south on GG all the way to Loretta. The road’s in good shape with a few repairs. 

The Ride

The ride on GG is a fun run to take through the woods. There are curves and small hills and walls of trees on either side of the road and mostly at 55 mph. It’s beautifully green and secluded with limited traffic. It’s worth putting GG on the day’s ride when you’re in the area.

The Bottom Line

Wisconsin delivers so many good roads across the state. Growing up in a neighboring state and hating the football team from Wisconsin makes it difficult to say this, but Wisconsin is a great destination for riding your motorcycle. Just watch out for the deer.

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